Over the last 8+ years we have transacted with 500+ vendors of all scales, in China.

1000s of new designs are launched every single day.

We spend time in carefully curating only the designs that suit the Indian customer and share them with you over a single website link (we don’t bombard you on WhatsApp) for you to select from.

Once you express your interest, we inform you the exact price, minimum order quantity (we try to negotiate the lowest possible) and lead time (it’s usually less than a month – we pay more to import goods by AIR)

If everything looks favorable, you may commit your required quantity and we begin the ordering process.

Once the items arrive, we invoice them and dispatch to you.

Commercials: Rs 5000 ONE TIME FEES

The fees ensure the following benefits to you: -

  1. You will always be ahead of trend & your competition, with access to new launches in China. 
  1. You will always have a price benefit of 10% to 25% while preordering, compared to buying from our stock. 
  1. You can pre-order goods up to worth Rs 25000/- without having to pay any additional advance.

Other Points to note: - 

  1. We will update you with every stage of your pre-order. 
  1. We stand by the quality of the goods, in terms of the ensuring that the design, stones, plating, etc. are perfect. However, we cannot cancel the order if it simply doesn’t meet your expectations. After all, we are also seeing the same image that you are seeing while ordering. Please be rest assured that we accept pre-orders of goods sourced from only the vendors with whom we already have a tried and tested working relationship. This itself eliminates ambiguity. 
  1. While we guarantee you a price benefit – compared to our stock price, we never guarantee exclusivity of any design to you. 
  1. We expect you NOT TO circulate these pre-order designs with competitive vendors. We value your trust and pass on the price benefit to you, with the mutual trust that you wouldn’t ruin the novelty of our curation, by circulating our images. 
  1. Only new launches are considered as “pre-order”, If you want us to restock a certain item that existed on our website, we don’t consider It as a “pre-order” since its merely a replenishment. 
  1. We will share 100s of new designs with you on an ongoing basis. We expect you to confirm an order every 90 days (90 days calculated from your previous order). In case you don’t order, we will assume that our collection doesn’t appeal to you anymore and will stop sharing further updates. The amount you paid will not be refunded, since we did our part in curating and sharing, but it did not translate into a transaction from your end. 

Please feel free to connect, if you have any queries. Our goal is to scale up our mutual business and bring to you an ever-flowing stream of new collection that you can choose from.


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